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Incorporating Employee Recognition Into Year-End Festivities

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s likely that your year-end celebrations are already scheduled and their planning underway. For businesses, the end of the year is a great time to gather everyone together to celebrate the company’s success - and employee recognition should play a big role in that celebration.

Celebrate All

The end of the year is the time to summarize all of the company’s accomplishments. This could include a corporate anniversary, business accolades, exciting sales figures, new locations, its community impact, and more! No matter what the company is celebrating, it’s important to remember and recognize the employees who made it possible. As we’ve said in previous blogs, making sure employees feel appreciated is necessary to ensure happy, engaged, and long-term employees. Everyone appreciates a genuine “thank you.” A holiday party is a great place to make sure this recognition is visible and those honored receive the round of applause they deserve.

Start Early By Planning Ahead

Since year-end celebrations can be packed with so much importance, the earlier the planning can begin, the better. Most importantly, the company should make sure that any people they wish to specifically honor can make it. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so invitations need to be sent with enough notice for attendees to secure the date. Brainstorming and ordering awards for these honorees also takes time. The awards should be a reflection of the company’s true gratitude towards them.

Go Custom

As a 54 year old custom award company, we are passionate about recognizing employees in a personal and meaningful way. When recognizing employees this holiday season, businesses should strive to offer something the awardee can’t get anywhere else. If anyone can buy the item at a retail store, the item is more like a prize than an award. A custom award is a great way to ensure the employee is reminded of their accomplishment every time they look at it. Getting started with something custom at Dion is easy - just tell us about your idea and budget! Our talented Design Team will create the perfect piece and your personal Account Manager will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions.

Who Gets Recognized?

Ultimately, businesses should be recognizing those who exemplify the company’s values and contribute to its success. Depending on the company’s industry, this could mean many different things. Here are some common categories:

When considering award categories and recipients, it’s important to make the criteria for winning each award very clear. This way, those who wish to earn the award in the future will know how. Companies should also take note if the same people keep winning the same awards every year. This could indicate favoritism and will negatively impact morale and the value of the awards.


The Holidays can be a stressful time, so all the more reason to fill it with joy, celebration, and gratitude! As businesses celebrate another year in the books, they should be recognizing the ones who made it possible in a visible and meaningful way. Happy Holidays!



By Aubrey Dion

Aubrey Dion is proud to be back working for the family business she grew up in. Over the years, she has performed a wide variety of jobs in both the office and factory, becoming a true "jack of all trades." Aubrey credits her quick learning ability to her strong theatre background, where memorization and attention to detail are vital. Working in the marketing department allows her to stay creative and work on exciting new projects for the company.