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Employee Award Program Websites: Our Top Tips

Depending on the size of a business’ award program, a website can be a smooth and efficient way to manage award fulfillment. Websites are easily accessible and ensure accuracy when distributing awards. Employees can participate in their own recognition by logging into the site, seeing all their award options, and providing important information such as sizing or text for an engraving. When done right, award websites can be a powerful tool that keeps award programs on track.

Keep it Simple

As with any good website, a clear and streamlined design will help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for and input accurate information. If the website is too cluttered, or there is no clear avenue to order an award, visitors can get lost - possibly preventing them from receiving their hard-earned award! Sleek and modern-looking websites are a big trend, offering sophistication and refinement to the brand.

Call to Action

The best way to simplify an award website is to concentrate on what its main function is: employees choosing and ordering their awards. When an employee logs in, the first thing they should see is a welcome banner and a “call to action” button. This button can say something like “Get Your Award!” or “Get Started Here,” and it’ll take the user immediately into the award ordering process. By placing a “call to action” front and center, the user spends less time looking for direction and is more likely to provide complete and accurate information.

Have Options

A great advantage of having an award program website is the ability to easily showcase and offer award options. Employees are more likely to cherish their award if they choose it themselves. The website’s data can also show how popular each option is, helping the company refine their rewards program in the future. At Dion, we’ve created entire jewelry collections to offer a range of award options from pins and rings to earrings and belt buckles!

Show All Levels

Different levels of performance earn different awards. Companies can encourage and motivate employees by dedicating a page to showcasing all the awards available at each level of achievement. For newer employees, it displays the accomplishments that lie ahead, and for seasoned employees, it shows how far they’ve come. Together, it indicates the success of the whole company and the outstanding performance of all its employees. Even more exciting is when new levels have to be added when performance records are shattered!

Have Your Supplier Take Care of It

When managing a large employee recognition program, accuracy is paramount. The right award, in the right size, with the right customization, needs to go to the right person, at the right time, at the right address. That’s a lot to get right! When employee information is entered into the award website, the fewer hoops it goes through, the better. At Dion, we’ve designed and created custom websites for our clients, ensuring accuracy and simplicity. Award choices and sizing information comes directly to us, minimizing delays and allowing us to begin manufacturing sooner. Check out all of our administrative services to see how we can help make your award programs the best they can be!


With over 50 years in business, EA Dion is a leading expert on custom award jewelry. Our custom awards help celebrate success with designs tailored to our clients’ needs, and our top-notch customer service is there for you every step of the way. Start by browsing our gallery of past products, checking out our administration services, orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or message us to get started!