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The Rise of the Years of Service Badge Holder

The employee badge holder has been around for a long time, but as the use of electronic key cards has grown and the need for off-site employees to show ID to customers (think – cable repair technicians) these staples of the industry have grown as well.

Many forward thinking companies are looking beyond the badge holder to just secure the badge to clothing.  They are taking advantage of them as highly visible and routinely worn recognition opportunities!

By revamping a traditional years of service pin program into a custom badge holder, companies get more bang for their buck.  Companies are already spending money on recognition award jewelry.  Badge holders are the “jewelry” that employees wear everyday.

Some organizations have designed their custom badge holders to do even more.  They have incorporated in-field add-on capabilities to the badge holder (with pin-ons, clip-ons, slide-ons, snap-ons, etc.) that can be added on-the-spot for company specific goals met (like perfect attendance, positive comment card reviews, and more).

It is well documented that service award programs encourage longer tenure.  What better way to show co-workers, customers, vendors and others how much your company appreciates your years of service than with a highly visible piece that you wear with you wherever you go!