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UAW Local 412 Member Rings

Distributor Imperial Marketing

Many Distributors work with associations and organizations that boast a proud and loyal membership. Members of these organizations want to show off this pride - and jewelry products are an excellent vehicle for doing so. They are visible to the world no matter where you are, yet are a discreet way to show your loyalty. Many organizations also have websites and various events where their large and varied membership come together and shopping opportunities are available. Industrious Distributors would do well to take advantage of this unique and lucrative marketplace.

The UAW is a prime example of such as organizational opportunity. Imperial Marketing had been providing products to UAW Local 412 for a number of years, when they discussed the possibility of also supplying rings to their membership. Imperial knew that Dion was always eager to work with a Distributor to come up with creative solutions to any situation (in this case efficiently processing single ring orders and processing multiple credit cards). Dion worked with Imperial to develop a website that could handle on-line single ring orders from the membership that were sent directly to Dion for processing and payment (a much more efficient method than going from UAW to Imperial then to Dion). This custom website allowed members to process their orders directly through the UAW Local 412 website and neither identified Dion nor Imperial in the process – keeping the order identity solely with UAW Local 412 (something many end-user companies and associations prefer).

Thanks to a small investment by the UAW, their membership now has the opportunity to exhibit their membership status with the purchase of unique custom products, and new product offerings can be easily added to this merchant site in the future – for even more sales opportunities!

UAW Local 412 Member Rings
UAW Local 412 Ring Order Website