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PartyLite Pop Award Jewelry Program

Distributor Spry International

 Career path and achievement award programs are not unusual in the DSA/MLM industry, so how does one stand out in the crowd? PartyLite worked with their distributor Hilary Gallagher of Spry International to do just that.

PartyLite Gifts, Inc. wanted a new look for their career path and incentive program, a better way to differentiate the levels and for something stylish and unique that their Consultants would be proud to wear. Hilary’s came to Dion for an award program that was elegant, stylish and “out of the box.” Dion did not disappoint!

After some fine tuning to hone in on a specific design that captured all of the elements they were looking for, PartyLite chose three jewelry pieces – a pendant necklace, a brooch and a bracelet. These pieces each incorporated the unique “Logo-Pop” insert feature - a removable insert backed with an o-ring that securely holds the insert in place. The various “Pops” (which have unlimited design possibilities) included a teal colored pop with an embedded PartyLite logo, a star-shaped clear stone pop and 8 circular colored stone pops all with a beveled gold-plated rim.

These items made a splash with the Consultants when presented for the first time.  Recipients couldn’t stop showing off their beautiful pieces – with a touch of “bling” to boot!

It is rare that a single award program can cover so many needs, but with great direction from Spry International and the patented Logo-Pop inserts and creative designs from Dion, PartyLite was able to impress its Consultants and launch an award program that has a long life ahead.

PartyLite Logo-Pop Award Jewelry