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Tastefully Simple Sales Award Bracelet

Distributor Paul Anthony, Ltd.

 Tastefully Simple, the original national home taste-testing company, wanted to add a new addition to its jewelry recognition program – The Shining in Leadership recognition program. To qualify for Shining in Leadership recognition, a consultant leader had to meet goals in all three areas of their business – personal sales, recruiting new consultants and promoting members of their team into leadership. The Shining in Leadership Program is the pinnacle of the Movers & Shakers Program, which consultants achieve at different levels of sales, recruiting or leader development.

Through it Distributor Paul Anthony, Ltd., E.A. Dion sent Tastefully Simple several concepts for charms based on their product line. These “mini-charms” so appealed to their consultants that Tastefully Simple decided to incorporate this idea into a trendier bracelet that was not the typical charm jewelry. This elegant sterling silver bracelet features the “Shining in Leadership” extender charm and a 3-dimensional charm replicating Tastefully Simple’s most popular product, Bountiful Beer Bread Mix®. Shining in Leadership qualifiers receive this bracelet, along with an additional charm featuring another replicated product for the year in which they qualify – 2009’s charm being the Samba Sangria Slush™ Drink Mix. The bracelets received such great reviews that Tastefully Simple believes there will be a more conscious effort to achieve this award now that consultant leaders have seen the bracelet and will want to collect the commemorative charms!

Tastefully Simple Custom Charm Bracelet