Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Further, all products produced for E.A. Dion, Inc. must, at a minimum, comply with consumer product safety requirements of the United States and Canada and their territories. If, however, the industry standards exceed the country's legal requirements, E.A. Dion will favor Vendor Partners who meet such industry standards. Vendor Partners shall comply with all import requirements of the U.S. Customs Service and all U.S. Government agencies. Necessary invoices and required documentation must be provided in compliance with U.S. law. Vendor Partners shall warrant to E.A. Dion, Inc. that no merchandise sold to E.A. Dion, Inc. infringes the patents, trademarks or copyrights of others. All merchandise shall be accurately marked or labeled with its country of origin in compliance with the laws of the United States and those of the country of manufacture. All shipments of product will be accompanied by the requisite documentation issued by the proper governmental authorities, including but not limited to Form A's, import licenses, quota allocations and visas and shall comply with orderly marketing agreements, voluntary restraint agreements and other such agreements in accordance with U.S. law. The commercial invoice shall, in English, accurately describe all the products contained in the shipment, identify the country of origin of each article contained in the shipment, and shall list all payments, whether direct or indirect, to be made for the merchandise, including, but not limited to, any assists, selling commissions or royalty payments. Backup documentation, and any E.A. Dion, Inc. required changes to any documentation, will be provided by Vendor Partners promptly.


E.A. Dion, Inc. is a success because its employees are considered critical to our success and a strong level of teamwork has developed within the company. E.A. Dion, Inc. expects the spirit of its commitment to be reflected by its Vendor Partners with respect to their employees. At a minimum, E.A. Dion Inc. expects its Vendor Partners to meet the following terms and conditions of employment:


Vendor Partners shall fairly compensate their employees by providing wages and benefits which are in compliance with the national laws of the countries in which the Vendor Partners are doing business and which are consistent with the prevailing local standards in the countries in which the Vendor Partners are doing business, if the prevailing local standards are higher. 

Hours of Labor

Vendor Partners shall maintain reasonable employee work hours in compliance with local standards and applicable national laws of the countries in which the Vendor Partners are doing business. Employees shall not work more hours in one week than allowable under applicable law, and shall be compensated as appropriate for overtime work. We favor Vendor Partners who utilize less than sixty-hour work weeks, and we will not use suppliers who, on a regularly scheduled basis, require employees to work in excess of a sixty-hour week. Employees should be permitted reasonable days off (which we define as meaning at least one day off for every seven-day period - in other words, the employee would work six days and have at least one day off during a seven day period) and leave privileges.

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