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Get the Info! Our Favorite Employee Engagement Infographics

As we close out our February blog theme of employee engagement, we wanted to share some of the great infographics we uncovered during our research of this topic. Infographics are a great way to easily digest new information and if posted up are visible reminders to keep us on track. These are some of our favorites that we think you should keep close at hand.

Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement - This first infographic is from Dale Carnegie Training. This is a great chart to post up in the offices of all managers and senior leadership. Not only does it highlight why companies and management should care about improving employee engagement, but it lists actionable items to foster greater engagement.

10 Employee Engagement Questions – This second infographic comes from Seeds Training Group and lists 10 questions to ask employees in order to gauge their level of engagement and their feelings about how their company supports them. Answers to these questions will really give management a feel for how engaged employees are and what areas of company support may be lacking. A great way to measure where to start with your employee engagement initiatives.

10 Pillars of Employee Engagement – Finally, this third infographic from Zest Team Management looks at 10 aspects of employee engagement and the statistics on where companies and employees rank today on these items. A very eye opening look at how far employers need to go to improve engagement.


10 Employee Engagement Questions by Seed Training Group

10 Pillars of Employee Engagement by Zest

Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement by Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Infographic


IG001 10 Pillars of Employee Engagement ENG