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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets E.A. Dion apart from its competitors?

E. A. Dion is the largest independent custom design jewelry manufacturer in the US and is considered by many as the leader in creative jewelry design and innovative jewelry applications. Over the past 50+ years, we have proved adept at innovating solutions for companies that want to inspire and engage their workforce.  All of our products are made from the finest materials using a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern production techniques.  Whether it's 1 or 10,000 pieces, we capably transform the most detailed graphics and logos into one of a kind corporate or awards jewelry.

How does Dion adjust prices on precious metal products to accommodate changes in the market price of those materials?

When products are originally quoted, the product price is based on the current market price for pure Gold and Silver per ounce. Our quotes reference that current market price, even though we never manufacture with Pure (24K)  gold or Silver (.999).

Also on the quote is a "Price Adjustment Factor" (PAF). This Factor is used to adjust our quoted prices to the Gold and Silver markets  as they  fluctuates up & down. The PAF for each product is determined by combination of the material types (10K, 14K, etc.)  and by the weight of materials needed to produce the product.

Although the easily found  "current market price" is closely related to the price we use for updating the product cost, there is usually a slight premium depending on the type of fabricated raw material that is needed. Cast products require "Casting Grain", Struck products require "Strips" of varying thicknesses, etc.  Our gold supplier adds the price of fabrication to our cost, so the exact cost of the product is affected by this.

Many Distributors think that we pay the prices that they may see online, or on TV, but nobody can actually get tangible, physical gold or silver for those prices. In order to have real gold or silver in your hand, there are always additional costs added to the "Market Price" for fabrication, delivery, etc.  Most Distributors call us to ask what their exact cost is when it is time to reorder.

What is the difference between die struck and cast?

In a die struck piece, dies are made for both sides of the design. The metal is then inserted between the dies and the design is "double stamped" simultaneously onto both sides of the metal. The die striking process “presses” and “pushes” the metal out and up to create the raised and recessed areas of the design.

Cast products are produced from melted metal which is produced from grain stock.  Once the metal is cooled, the items are removed, polished, cleaned and completed. This process is well suited for items which have intricate designs, high detail and a requirement for fine smooth surface quality and 2 or 3 dimensional accuracy (realism).

If you want your company’s image in a crisp, clean emblem design die striking may yield the best results.  If you need more intricacy and dimension, casting your product may be preferable. 

Where is your jewelry made?

Dion’s jewelry is manufactured in our home office facility in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  Dion’s sourcing group (Dion Global) supplies imported products for projects as needed.

Do you sell direct to end-users?

No. We don't sell to end-users. We create programs of jewelry - not individual jewelry items - so we work through a distributor network.

Do all of your products comply with California’s Proposition 65?

All of E. A. Dion’s products are 100% compliant with Proposition 65 adult jewelry requirements.  We have chosen to extend our leadership position by providing, at distributor cost, three (3) verifiable Proposition 65 compliant product testing options.  

Do all of your products comply with the US Consumer Products Safety Commissions Improvement Act?

Yes, E. A. Dion is fully compliant with the regulations mandated by Section 102 (Mandatory Third Party Testing for Certain Children's Products)

Do you provide customized artwork?

Yes.  We understand each organization is unique and we cater to the individual needs of each client.  To assist you in developing your program, our design team will create photo-realistic illustrations of your ideas, and add some of our own, in order to help you visualize the final product.  Contact your Account Manager regarding artwork charges.

Do you provide pre-production samples?

Pre-production samples are available only upon request.  Contact your Account Manager about cost and scheduling.

Who owns the tooling?

All dies/tooling/molds and materials necessary for the manufacturing of products are the property of E. A. Dion, and are guaranteed to remain available for your exclusive and continued use unless conditional use arrangements have been made at time of order. E. A. Dion further guarantees the working condition of dies/tooling/molds made by E. A. Dion as long as they remain on our premises.

What is your return policy?

For repair or replacement as described within the warranty, a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required. Packages arriving at Dion without an RMA # may be refused and returned.  Please contact your Dion Account Manager for assistance.

What is your standard product manufacturing lead time?

Production time of an initial order with new tooling is approximately six weeks; re-orders are shipped in approximately three to four weeks.  Contact your Account Manager regarding specific delivery commitments.

Are you able to service Rush Orders?

When required we will strive to deliver rush orders in less than the normal production times.  Contact your Dion Account Manager with your request.

What is your Ship method?

Standard shipping is United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (Fed Ex) unless otherwise specified. For special rush deadline delivery dates, we reserve the right to select the method of shipment necessary.

What are your shipping capabilities?

Bulk shipment to a location or drop shipments to individuals or locations are available.  Consolidated Shipments (single location, departmental packing) and coordinated shipments (multiple locations receive product simultaneously) are advanced methodologies required for special circumstances.

Where are you shipping from?

All shipments are FOB, Attleboro, MA. 

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to over 45 countries. We do not ship to Russia due to their restrictions on all imported jewelry.

What type of packaging do you offer?

Dion offers a full range of packaging options ranging from the least expensive plastic poly-bag to individualized wooden or metal presentations. 

Do all Dion items come with a warranty?

All Dion products are warranted for life to be free of manufacturing defects or they will be repaired or replaced at no cost excluding damage as a result of normal wear and tear or abuse.

Do you offer non-branded marketing brochures or sell sheets that I can send to my clients?

Dion has created three non-branded themed direct mail pieces; Safety Program Jewelry, Upgradable Award Rings, and Trip Charms and Lapel Pins.  Also available are Sell Sheets for our easily customizable standard lines. 

I am interested in placing an order. What are my next steps?

Contact your Account Manager to discuss your project.  If you have not worked with us before and have not been assigned an Account Manager one will be assigned when you call.

Your Account Manager will discuss with you the next steps including requirements and timing as well as provide recommendations for your project.  It may be helpful to explore this website for examples of products that may suit your needs.

What if I don't see exactly what I want on the website?

Contact your Dion Account Manager for additional product assortment ideas.