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Sales Awards

Sales award jewelry is traditionally only given to the very highest of achievers and thus establishes the recipient as a true professional in their field. The sales award ring in particular is a much coveted recognition award – particularly for sales reps that meet with customers outside the office (and thus can’t show off a plaque or trophy).

Custom award jewelry is unique for the feelings it inspires and the message it sends – to the wearer and to those seeing it in the field. Jewelry is the only award that goes with the recipient wherever they go. Jewelry awards encourage conversations from “Where did you get that?” to “What did you get it for?”

Dion is well known for upgradeable “add-a-diamond” ring programs – which not only create a tradition of excellence in an organization, but are much easier to administer and are often less expensive over the life of the program. Speak with a Dion Account Manager today about starting a custom upgradeable rings program yourself.

Case Studies

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Legal Shield Sales & Career Path Jewelry Program

Custom Jewelry That Evolves With Your Workforce

Volkswagon Sales Guild Award Ring Program

Recognizing Growth By Adding Diamonds

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