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Volunteer Service Award

Years of Service Recognition

The most widespread employee recognition program among employers today is the service award program (years of service recognition).  There is good reason for this:

A Cicero Group study confirmed that companies that have implemented effective years of service award programs have almost 20% more employees that feel strongly that their company cares about them and that they personally fit in and belong to the organization.  Additionally, employees who felt positively about these key engagement elements stayed 4 years longer at their companies than employees not similarly engaged.

Recognition early and often will not only endear a company’s employees to them but will retain them much longer than industry average. 

Consider recognizing them with an award that is truly personal.  Custom jewelry awards are something they cannot buy – only earn.  They have an intrinsic value and include the company’s branding – reminding the employee who values them.

Project Ideas

A popular trend right now is custom badge holder emblems as years of service awards.  Many employees have to wear a badge for ID or security purposes so these badge holder emblems are highly functional as well as stylish.  Badge holder emblems can not only include years of service recognition, but other on-the-spot add-on recognition such as particular certification levels, attendance or quality goals or any other specific recognition a company wants to award.

Holiday Inn Service Award Pins

How Our Recognition Program with Holiday Inn Helped Improve Employee Retention and Morale

Turningstone Casino Dream Catcher Badge Holder

Creating an All-encompassing Program

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