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Healthcare Recognition

Hospital and healthcare workers are the cornerstone of our society.  They deserve to be recognized for their meaningful contributions.  Recognizing length of service, training and certification achievements, wellness goals and more will motivate and engage staff to give their very best.

One great tool for recognition is the badge holder.  Most healthcare staff need to wear a badge, so adding their recognition award to their badge makes it functional and visible.  The award will go with the wearer everywhere they go, reminding them of the value their organization places on them and inspiring others to achieve success as well.  Badge holders can also include multiple types of recognition that can be added on right on the spot.

Create a Custom Badge Holder with E. A. Dion

Do your employees wear badges? What a great way to show company pride and reward employee accomplishments! In this video, E. A. Dion's Marketing Assistant Aubrey Dion shows you some of the options for creating a custom badge holder and how to use it. E. A. Dion is a full-service jewelry manufacturer that can create custom objects in metal for your company for employee reward and recognition purposes.

Today’s employees also want choices.  Why not offer them choices in their years of service and other recognition awards?  Custom jewelry awards, when creatively designed, can be made into a variety of stylish and functional pieces – anything from bracelet charms to money clips to badge holders.  See what Dion can create for your recognition awards.

Case Studies

Lakeland Regional Medical Center Awareness Pin

Unmatched Design, Collaboration & Expedition: The Story of Lakeland Regional Medical Center Lapel Pins

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Take the Logo and Run! How Our Design Team Created MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Service Award Pins

Powell Valley Heathcare Add-On Pin Program

One Pin, Six Add-On Achievements – The Powell Valley Healthcare Pin

Develop Your Healthcare Recognition Program!

Let us help you design the perfect solution (and styles!) to recognize your vital staff members, and keep them motivated, engaged, and feeling appreciated.