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Recognize Career Level Achievement

Engagement and enthusiasm is important for all organizations, particularly those with an independent sales force.  Recognition early and often is a key ingredient.  Career level acknowledgement is a great way to build loyalty from your sales force and encourage them to reach even higher levels.

Custom jewelry career level awards offer unique benefits. Jewelry goes with the wearer at all times and is highly visible, so customers and others will see the award and ask about it.

In-Field Add-On jewelry is another option to consider with these awards. Add-On jewelry can incorporate multiple rewards – career rank, sales level, recruiting goals, etc. Check out the short video below on the many ways you can add-on to a custom jewelry piece.

See how custom career level recognition jewelry can help you retain, motivate and inspire your sales force. Here are a few case studies you may find interesting.

Case Studies

Saladmaster Spirit of Success Career Path Pin Program

Visualizing Career Progress

Isagenix Career Path and Sales Award Jewelry

How We Completely Revamped The Isagenix Sales Award Program

Nefful Career Path Program

The Most Glamorous Way to Motivate Your Teams

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