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Safety & Safe Driver Awards

Building a culture serious about safety is no simple task.  People, not policies, prevent accidents.  Studies show that a high percentage of workplace injuries are attitude, behavior and/or culture based.  So it is important to develop and maintain a safe driver recognition program to increase individual awareness and reinforce a “safety-first” culture.

Incentive and recognition programs are effective tools to improve safety performance because they focus on best-practice behaviors, key-performance indicators and results.  Properly structured and deployed, safety recognition program will communicate standards-of-excellence across a wide variety of safety initiative and promote the awards – your custom symbols of success.

There are several different categories of Safety and Safe Driver Recognition awards.  

Safe Miles Driven

Most safe driver recognition programs include safe miles driven tiers.  The tiers allow for stepping-stones ensuring early recognition opportunities (tied to performance) and top-performer recognition at more significant milestones.  Tiered programs often start at 100,000 miles and build to one and two million miles, or more.

Years of Safe Work or Driving

Safety and safe driver recognition is often structured with years of safety or safe driving as the goal.  Basing your program, or an element of your program, on years makes it easy to create a tiered recognition structure.

Complementary Recognition

To increase awareness of particularly high risk times, or to recognize other driver and worker safety initiatives, many companies also incorporate such programs as Driver of the Year, Good Samaritan, Summer or Winter Campaigns, and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – just to name a few.

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Let's Design Your Safety Program

Let us help you design the perfect solution (and styles!) to recognize your high achievers, and keep the motivated and engaged.