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Custom Awards: Why They’re Worth The Wait

As consumers, we’re used to being able to buy things off the shelf right away or ordering online with the expectation we will receive our order within 1 to 2 days. We usually expect convenience and instant gratification when it comes to our purchases. However, when looking for awards, custom items can be worth the wait.

Choosing Custom

When it comes to rewarding employees, companies have many options to choose from. From gift cards to company sponsored trips, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for those who make a business successful. Before choosing one, a very important question must be asked: is this item an award or a prize?

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, awards should be something that can only be earned through an accomplishment at an organization. They are an encapsulation of both the company’s identity and the individual’s achievement. Items that can be bought at easily accessible retail stores are simply prizes. Prizes can often be regifted, spent quickly and forgotten about, or even thrown away since they’re so impersonal. Awards on the other hand, are special and able to be cherished. By creating a custom award, companies can ensure that they feel thought-through and personal.

The Perfect Fit

Once a company has chosen to go with a custom award, a whole new world of options opens up. This is an exciting opportunity to reinforce the company’s values, culture, and branding, while also elevating and recognizing the accomplishments of their employees. Whether the company’s style is sleek and minimalist, or detailed and rustic, a custom award is bound to suit them perfectly. This special tailoring will keep the recipient in mind as well, giving them something of high value that they can’t get anywhere else. Custom awards are made with care and attention to detail, and the end result is something that recipients can cherish for years to come. Plus, it’s fun to see where a designer, artist, or craftsman can take a company’s vision!

Worth The Wait

Ordering custom items can take a bit longer to get them than buying something off the shelf, but more often than not, the end result is worth the wait. Custom items often require more meticulousness, craftsmanship, and quality control than mass-produced items. This means companies can rest assured that they’re getting something that’s been created with care and attention to detail. The extra time and attention put into the award will not go unnoticed by the recipient or their peers. The awardee will receive something knowing no one in the world can walk into a store and buy what they have. Hard work is difficult to quantify, so giving someone a tangible representation of their accomplishment needs to be special. More importantly, it needs to make the recipient feel special. So, if you’re looking for something unique and made with care, it’s definitely worth the wait for custom awards.

Get Started with Dion

Here at Dion, we’ve been crafting custom jewelry awards for over 50 years. These are high-value awards that the recipient can wear wherever they go, always carrying a reminder that they’re appreciated. To get started with some design ideas and a quote, simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. message, or call us to get started!



By Aubrey Dion

Aubrey Dion is proud to be back working for the family business she grew up in. Over the years, she has performed a wide variety of jobs in both the office and factory, becoming a true "jack of all trades." Aubrey credits her quick learning ability to her strong theatre background, where memorization and attention to detail are vital. Working in the marketing department allows her to stay creative and work on exciting new projects for the company.