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Branded Buzz: How Event Commemoratives Get People Talking

In our last blog, we talked about how event commemoratives boost engagement. Let’s dive a little deeper into how they “get people talking” and “create buzz.” Unique event keepsakes can help foster employee and client relationships through the conversations they inspire.

Positive Reinforcement

Many of us have heard the saying, “If it’s free, it’s for me!” Most people like receiving free things, especially when they weren’t expecting to. Receiving an event keepsake creates a positive moment between the company and recipient. A commemorative has the most positive effect on the recipient when it:

If a company can manage to check all four boxes, they can create countless positive impressions and associations with their brand. At internal events, employee recipients are more likely to feel appreciated and proud of their company. At public events, potential clients will be more familiar with the company and have a tangible reminder of that specific event and the host.


Event Commemoratives are a fantastic way to place marketing material directly into the hands of attendees. They make contact with the company virtually unavoidable, which is especially useful at conventions and tradeshows. If the commemorative item is worn, such as a hat or pin, the company’s brand will get in front of even more eyes. A unique or particularly useful item may spark conversation, creating buzz for the brand. These personal experiences and connections drive engagement with the company in a meaningful way.

After The Event

Commemorative items should serve as reminders long after the event ends. Whether it was a special award event for the company’s top earners, or a whirlwind conference full of potential new leads, the goal is to have attendees look back with fondness. The more the recipient is reminded of the event, the more mileage the company gets from its marketing. If the commemorative is put on display, it can generate even more brand impact. It’s impossible to measure the full extent of an item’s effect, but one with the four criteria mentioned earlier is going to go a long way.


Custom event commemoratives are an excellent tool for companies looking to market themselves and create buzz around their brand. These items can be used to show appreciation to customers and clients alike, and put the marketing material right in their hands. Commemoratives also create lasting positive impressions and can serve as conversation starters, allowing companies to build relationships and increase visibility.

Want to get started on your unique event commemorative? An E.A. Dion rep can help you create lasting impressions with our custom jewelry keepsakes. Send us an email, give us a call, or message us to get started!