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Recognizing Sales Milestones: The Value of Add-A-Diamond Ring Programs

A strong sales team is vital for driving revenue and growth for a business. It takes a special kind of drive to constantly chase leads and nurture customer relationships. A deep knowledge of products and services is needed as well. A sales team’s direct effect on their company’s bottom line means their successes should always be celebrated. One innovative way that businesses are using to acknowledge their employees' sales milestones is through an add-a-diamond ring program.

Why It’s Important

Employee recognition is a powerful management strategy that has proven to be extremely beneficial to the businesses who implement programs that celebrate employee achievements. When it comes to sales teams in particular, the most obvious benefit is increased motivation. Companies want to drive sales, and offering awards and incentives helps to motivate their sales teams. Looking beyond sales figures, recognition can also help employees feel valued and satisfied with their employer. This can attract other top talent to the team as the company becomes more attractive to jobseekers. Customer relationships improve as well, since valued and happy employees tend to have better customer interactions. (For even more benefits, check out our previous blog “How Employee Recognition Can Boost Your Sales Team’s Success.”)

What is Add-A-Diamond?

An add-a-diamond ring program is an employee recognition system that awards regularly achieving employees for each goal they reach. When the employee reaches their first milestone, they receive a custom ring without any diamonds. Then, whenever they reach their next milestone, a diamond is set into the ring. The ultimate goal is to get fully “blinged out” and have all the diamond settings filled in a dazzling display of success. Add-a-diamond rings can be used to celebrate not only sales achievements, but years of service, safe miles driven, and other employee accomplishments.

Visualizing Success

What makes add-a-diamond programs special is their unique ability to help employees visualize their past, present, and future success. Diamonds are a high-perceived value item and retain their value over time, making them the perfect tangible representation of a hard-earned accomplishment. The custom ring itself offers a branded, yet elegant, tie-in with the company, making it a meaningful and valuable award.

Simple and Savvy

Add-a-diamond ring programs also offer a low maintenance award system. Sales goals and numbers can easily be tracked and monitored for award eligibility. Oftentimes, the same employees hit their targets year after year, making it difficult to come up with a new award every time. With add-a-diamond programs, the award is already known, so no time is wasted on committee meetings and brainstorming. Many businesses also like how economical these programs are. The initial purchase of the ring may be above their normal award budget, but the addition of each diamond is a much lower cost. This saves money in the long run as large gifts don’t need to be purchased every time.

Showing Off

Lastly, add-a-diamond programs are fun! Especially in the sales world, people love showing off their accomplishments. Their ring is bona fide proof that they’re great at what they do. This can be used to build confidence, customer trust, and friendly competition amongst the team. An add-a-diamond ring is their own, hard-won Super Bowl ring, helping them feel like the champions they are.

Get Started with Dion

Add-a-diamond ring programs are the perfect way to celebrate and motivate your sales team. With over 50 years of experience, EA Dion has become a leading expert in add-a-diamond ring manufacture and administration. Our dedicated Account Managers will guide you through the process, from design to shipment, to ensure you’re fully supported. Check out our menu of administrative services, gallery of past add-a-diamond ring designs, or read our case study on the Volkswagon Sales Guild Ring Program. To get more info, or to get started with a quote, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or send us a message!