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Volkswagon's Certified Technician Program

Distributor Imperial Marketing

Volkswagon wanted to recognize levels of service technician achievement and foster an environment of continuous improvement.  They achieved this with their Certified Technician Program.

The Volkswagon Certified Technician Program consisted of 13 designation plates, available in both English and French, to be applied to the primary medallion plaque. The primary medallion was die cast with a sandblast and polished silver finish with color-fill and a magnetic backing. Also three lapel pins, in both English and French, designating Master, Expert and Specialist, completing the awards structure. Both the lapel pin and designation plates were awarded based on specific and rigorous criteria attached to each level.

Collaborating with the Distributor Imperial Marketing, the program was conceptualized, an award design recommendation made and the program implemented. The Distributor and Dion were well known to the end-user, having recently implemented the Volkswagen Sales Guild Ring Program. Results have been extremely positive as the number of technicians being certified increased in the first six months of the program. Customer satisfaction levels and associated cost reductions have also experienced positive trends.

Volkswagon Certified Technician Program Lapel Pins
Artwork for Volkswagon Certified Technician Lapel Pins