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Pampered Chef Slide Charm Bracelet

Distributor Art Of Achievement

The Pampered Chef (TPC) has long been known for its innovative sales promotion programs, and its recent one certainly continues that trend. TPC and their Distributor Ed Naber of Art of Achievement worked with Dion to create a unique slide charm program to promote consistent monthly sales activity for its Consultants. Bead slide charms are quite popular and TPC wanted to give its Consultants the opportunity to earn these fashionable items with a “Pampered Chef twist.”

Dion’s Design Dept. came up with a number of designs for custom charms representing miniaturized versions of some of their most popular products. These custom charms gave TPC Consultants a unique bragging piece, allowing them to start a conversation about their business anywhere they wore the bracelet. For male Consultants, a comparable add-on key chain was available. Each charm only had a limited earning timeframe so they became even more exclusive and desirable.

The overall program was announced with a two-page spread in their Consultant magazine and TPC kept the program alive by revealing each charm on a monthly basis. Consultants could earn one charm each month, a bonus charm when they earned all the monthly charms, a bonus charm for being a Director and a bonus charm for helping someone start their business during a specific time frame. Consultants loved receiving the unique and custom pieces.

Pampered Chef Slide Charm Jewelry