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Saladmaster Spirit of Success Pin Program

Distributor Imperial Marketing

 Successful Direct Selling companies have a Career Path Program that identifies sales levels and/or recruiting achievements. These recognition programs and awards that go along with them motivate sales staff as well as recruit new members. As time goes by the Career Path Program needs to be looked at for its effectiveness and appeal. One very well established DSA company – Saladmaster – did just that.

Saladmaster specifically looked at its Spirit of Success Pin Program – a program that has been in existence for over a decade – and determined that it was time for a change. Saladmaster wanted to get back to basics, streamlining the program and making it more attractive to recipients.

Working with its distributor, Imperial Marketing, Dion provided Saladmaster guidance on designing the pins that accompanied this important program. After a quick back and forth on the artwork, a final set of designs were chosen. The revamped Spirit of Success Pin Program includes career path award levels from Consultant to Elite Master Dealer. The basis of the new pin designs is the well known “Pan Pin” that was previously awarded only at Dealer level. To engage people just starting out to shoot for a Dealer promotion, Saladmaster redesigned all of their pins to resemble the Pan Pin – enabling them to visually see their progress all the way up to Elite Master Dealer.

Starting at the Direct Dealer level all pins are made of precious metal. The Direct Dealer pin is made of sterling silver, and the Senior Dealer pin is 10 karat gold. The Master Deal pin is also made of 10 karat gold, but includes not only a 10pt. genuine diamond in the pot handle but a full 1 carat diamond at the top. Finally, Elite Master Dealer pins are also 10 karat gold with both the 10pt. and full 1 carat diamonds – but also include the ability to upgrade the pin with up to 4 3pt. genuine diamonds as Elite Dealers progress through the Elite Dealer SOS levels. Pins are awarded either at Rallies & Meetings, or at local Dealer Open Houses.