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LegalShield's Jewelry Awards

Distributor Charmelle

 Creating a multi-faceted career path recognition program is a daunting task. Companies want something that communicates how proud the company is of the accomplishment, but also want something the recipients will value and want to display to others. Add in the desire to have one-of-a-kind awards that incorporate the company’s brand as well as its corporate values and this daunting project seems to move up to impossible.

LegalShield, who recently introduced a new recognition award program to their Associates, knows just how hard (and how important) it is getting the program just right. LegalShield was recently purchased and went through a rebranding process. They decided on an arc pin for the main element in the recognition program. It is not only the main part of their new logo, but symbolizes their product – a shield that provides protection over their customers and customers’ families’ legal needs. Through its distributor Charmelle, Legal Shield worked with Dion to bring this design to life.

The program includes career path level lapel pins and subsequently attached pin “rockers” for higher career path levels that attach to the original pin. New Associates receive a “shield” pin in their “Business in a Box” starter kit. As they advance they receive attachable “rockers” with their new career path level on it. Executive Director level Associates can earn new “shield” pins with multiple stones when they reach higher Executive Director levels.
The program also includes, at the highest level of recognition, custom rings for Associates that earn commission of $100,000 or more over a 12 month period. They have the choice of several different 10 karat gold upgradeable custom ring options to best match their own personal ring style preferences. The rings are then upgraded with more diamonds as their sales increase.

One design option is a “Super Bowl” style ring. This Big Bling ring initially comes with a marquise shaped “pop” insert with the wording “$100,000” on it. When the recipient reaches $250K and $500K levels, the insert is replaced with new marquise stone pop inserts with the new dollar level wording on them. When the recipient reaches the $1 million dollar level, the ring is replaced with a new ring that includes a permanent multi-diamond insert. These rings are substantial in size and are hard to miss when worn on a sales call!

The new recognition program was unveiled at the Annual Meeting to a packed crowd at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Melanie Lawson explained each piece of the program in a glowingly received presentation. Melanie reported the feedback to date on the new program, “The sales force loves the new pieces!”


LegalShield Recognition Jewelry Program