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Going the Extra Mile - Chrysler Ring Repair

Distributor Imperial Marketing

One of our long time distributor partners recently came to us with a big challenge! Their customer Chrysler asked them if there was any way to fix an employee's Gold Level Award ring that he received from Chrysler that was crushed when a car ran over it.  As you can see from these "before" photos, the ring was really smashed beyond all recognition.  

We told the ring owner no promises, but were willing to give it a shot.  Over the next two weeks, Tony Vivieros and his Ring Cell co-workers straightened and hand-worked the ring back to near peak condition.  The customer's reaction was totally worth it, "I am absolutely speechless.  I almost cried.  It is stunningly beautiful.  You and your staff have [gone] beyond my wildest dreams of it being repaired.  I will wear it with pride and hand it down to my son when that time comes."  Ring repair is not our business, but in this very special case, our factory really wanted to come through for this ring recipient - and it appears we did!

Crushed Ring Images
Crushed Ring - Before Photos
Repaired Ring Photos
Repaired Ring - After Photos