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How to Get the Perfect Custom Product from Your Supplier Every Time

Custom products are a fantastic way to elevate an event, create buzz, or make someone feel special. As experts in the custom jewelry award industry, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your custom product suppliers.

It’s Okay to Not Know What You Want

The world of custom products is full of endless possibilities. If a client comes in with a specific idea in mind, any supplier will be happy to make it a reality. However, having a concrete vision isn’t required, and sometimes it can even keep the product from being the best it can be by limiting the collaborative process. Suppliers who make custom products are used to collaborating and guiding clients towards the best option for them. If a client doesn’t know exactly what they want, providing their ideal budget range and sharing design-inspiration photos is a great place to start.

Set The Scene

When a business chooses to order a custom product, they’ve decided to put the extra time and money into getting something special. Whether it’s a promotional giveaway or a prestigious award, sharing the context is a great way to extract knowledge and expertise from a supplier. What event are these custom items being ordered for? Who are they for? What is their purpose? By sharing the story behind the order, businesses can get the best recommendations and informed designs to suit their needs.

Budget for Time

Custom products take a bit longer to order. When making the decision to order something custom, a good first step is to find out the supplier’s lead time. Here at Dion, our lead time is about 6-8 weeks for a new design to be engineered, manufactured, packed, and shipped. When businesses give themselves plenty of time, they reduce stress on themselves as well as the supplier, enabling a more enjoyable process.

Have Image Files Ready

More often than not, companies want their logo to be featured on their custom products. When communicating with a supplier, having a high-resolution vector file of the logo ready to send helps to keep the ball rolling. A vector file is an image that can be scaled up or down without losing quality, and it’s essential to the product’s design. The most popular vector image formats are Adobe Illustrator (.ai), encapsulated postscript (.eps), portable document format (.pdf), and scalable vector graphics (.svg). By having a vector logo file ready to go, businesses can save time and get their design started sooner.

Work With The Best

With over 50 years of experience, EA Dion has become a leader in creating memorable, high-quality custom jewelry awards that motivate and inspire.. Our knowledgeable Account Managers and talented Design Team are dedicated to providing the perfect fit for each client. Our caring and skilled Production Team takes pride in crafting awards that will be worn and loved for years to come.


Getting started with Dion is easy. Get inspired by browsing our gallery of past products, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or message us to get started!