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Recognizing Brilliance: The Impact of High-End Awards

Recognizing employees for their contributions and accomplishments is a necessary part of creating a positive work environment. Proper recognition boosts employee morale, engagement, retention, and productivity. In fact, in a recent survey by Zippia, 69% of employees who were planning to quit their jobs said that receiving recognition and rewards would cause them to choose to stay at their current positions. While recognition can come in many forms, here’s why high-value items are a great choice for major awards.

Making the Intangible Tangible

How do you physically represent a concept? Here at Dion, our vision is “to make the intangible tangible.” It means that our products represent a host of different meanings. Each award encapsulates all of the hard work, dedication, and ambition of the employee as well as the appreciation, gratitude, and pride of the company. Having all of these concepts represented by a single item means the item must be something that can match that prestige. The product must speak to the value of the employee and the significance of their accomplishment. When choosing award items, companies should make sure they’re matching the value of the item to the merit of the award.

Show-Stopping Inspiration

Oftentimes people think they have to be a famous athlete or actor in order to receive a stunning high-end award. It may seem like a far off dream, or not applicable to their industry. That’s what makes high value awards so special. Not only do they motivate the recipient, but they inspire other employees to achieve the required goal to receive the award. When a company hosts a formal award ceremony, they unite the company, reinforce its values, celebrate its successes, and raise excitement for the future. Presenting high-value awards at these events demonstrates the possibility of achievement and prestigious recognition for the rest of the company.

External Validation

When employee awards are high-value, even people outside the company will be able to recognize their significance. The item can be a conversation piece, or simply speak for itself. Just the presence of the award in the room boosts the employee’s professional reputation and credibility. High-end awards may also help with networking and industry relationships as they signify the importance and success of their recipient.

The Company’s Investment

Lastly, high-end awards show that the company is fully invested in their employees’ success. Companies who make a financial commitment to recognizing their employees demonstrate that they truly value their workforce. With high-end awards, that value is represented in an exciting and lasting way. Employees will know that they work for a company that takes recognition seriously. The awards reinforce the perception of value in the company.

In Conclusion

High-end awards create an impact long after the ceremony ends. Not only do they motivate and inspire, they elevate the company’s image and boost the recipient’s status and credibility. Their value matches the significance of the employee’s achievement and the company’s gratitude. They are truly a worthwhile investment.


At Dion, we have over 50 years of experience creating unique, high-end, custom jewelry awards for a variety of industries. Consider elevating your award program with precious metal pieces designed and crafted just for your company. Getting started with Dion is easy. Get inspired by browsing our gallery of past products, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or message us to get started!