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6 Powerful Benefits of Implementing a Safety Award Program

Across all industries, workplace safety is set as the top priority. Compromising the well-being of one’s employees is simply not an option and can result in a ripple effect of negative consequences. In order to strengthen workplace safety and compliance, many businesses implement safety award programs. These programs come with numerous advantages.


In a study conducted by Alert Media, 81% of surveyed employees said their physical safety is important to them. Only 58% said they thought it was important to their employers! This perception can be incredibly demoralizing. By creating a robust safety award program, businesses can demonstrate how seriously they value safety. When employees know their safety is a top priority, it’s easier for them to have trust and appreciation for the company. They are more likely to be content and motivated when they know their employer cares about their well-being. This improved morale leads to a more positive work environment and better overall job satisfaction.

Safety Standard Awareness

Safety award programs have the advantage of being continually relevant since they serve as a constant reminder of the importance of adhering to safety standards. Specific behaviors and protocols are highlighted in a positive light by rewarding those who uphold them. This makes it easier for everyone to be aware of the company’s safety standards, and know what is expected of them to keep everyone safe.


A well-designed safety award program actively involves employees in the safety process. By incentivizing them to follow safety protocols, report hazards, and suggest improvements, employees become more engaged in the workplace. When employees feel that their input is valued and rewarded, they are more likely to be committed to the company's safety goals.

Employee Health

One of the most apparent benefits of a safety incentive program is the reduction in workplace injuries and accidents. When the entire company is committed to specific and positive safety goals, mishaps are less likely to occur. Employees spend less time in pain, and stress less over medical bills and other complications. Healthy employees are also more productive, both in the short and long term, leading to enhanced job satisfaction and reduced turnover rates.

Worker’s Comp

Fewer workplace injuries mean less worker’s compensation claims. In 2021, the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index Report revealed that U.S. businesses spent more than one billion dollars a week on serious, nonfatal workplace injuries. While safety award programs cost money to establish and run, it is an investment rather than an expense. Businesses save money overall by preventing serious accidents. The costs associated with workplace accidents are not just limited to worker’s compensation. They can include legal fees, repairs, lost productivity, and more. Less accidents mean less headaches and fewer payouts.

Safety Culture

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a safety award program is its ability to cultivate a robust safety culture within the organization. A safety culture is a shared set of beliefs, values, and attitudes that prioritize safety at all levels of the organization. When employees are actively engaged in safety initiatives, they become safety advocates and encourage their colleagues to do the same. Over time, this leads to a culture where safety is ingrained in every aspect of the workplace. This transformation is the hallmark of a well-run safety program.

An industry with a strong safety culture is the trucking industry. Using data logs from their fleets, trucking companies can easily see who their safety champions are. Oftentimes drivers are awarded custom rings or other high-value items for driving safely. Safety is integrated into every aspect of trucking, since it’s a crucial component in the industry’s success.


Implementing a safety award program in the workplace offers a multitude of benefits for both employees and employers. By championing safety through positive reinforcement, businesses can create an environment of happier, healthier, and safety conscious people. Excellent safety practices deserve to be rewarded.

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