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Landstar Safe Driving Program

Distributor T.R. Miller Company, Inc.

 At Landstar Systems, a non-asset owning truckload carrier, safety is paramount. This is a company that heavily promotes safety at all levels. Landstar uses a variety of recognition products to get the message across that safety is important and that employees will be rewarded for safe driving practices. Through its Distributor T.R. Miller Company, Inc. , Dion has worked with Landstar for a number of years. Landstar uses lapel pins, belt buckles, key tags, charms and upgradable rings as tangible awards for safety performance. These items are presented at their annual awards event, where winners are called “Road Stars” and are truly treated as superstars – with rock bands, a light show, etc., as a backdrop!

Unique to their program is the identifiable custom branding that goes into each award. Instead of just an “off the shelf” award, like a gift card or catalog item, Landstar employees receive a commemorative piece that connects them to the company, signifies what the recognition was for (i.e. on the belt buckle each recipient receives a year “target” that screws into the buckle indicating the number of years of safe driving they have achieved), and proudly shows the professionalism they possess by receiving the award. These components of Landstar’s safety program entice drivers to want to earn their awards, and work toward the next recognition milestone.

Landstar Safe Driver Awards