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International Truck Jewelry

Distributor eCompanyStore

 International Truck & Engine Corporation’s jewelry program was a promotional branding opportunity that offered a variety of products for purchase by employees, customers, dealers and retirees, through the eCompanyStore website. The concept started with the introduction of a new International Truck model, the LoneStar®, with a uniquely different front grill. The new grill design became the centerpiece of the jewelry items.

The Distributor, who had already worked with International on other programs, worked with the International staff to develop promotional designs related to the new truck design. The Distributor then got in touch with Dion to make this vision a reality. The custom jewelry items were introduced at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS), where initial orders could be placed. Subsequently, the items were also featured on the Distributor’s website for ordering.

International Truck Grill Jewelry