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Personalized Appreciation: The Power of Custom Employee Awards

This holiday season, many of us are fervently shopping for the ideal gift for everyone on our list. There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy on someone’s face when they open the perfect gift you spent hours picking out. With the commercial rise of mass personalization and mass customization, many of us will opt for something especially tailored to our loved ones. This added thought and the uniqueness of the gift helps to create those magical holiday moments. The same effect can be found in custom employee awards.

Making the Intangible Tangible

An employee award is a tangible representation of both the hard work performed, and the company’s appreciation for it. This physicalization is an incredibly important part of the employee recognition process. It creates a concrete reminder of the employee’s success, keeping their accomplishments from fading in memory. At Dion, our company vision is to “Make the intangible tangible, and improve people’s lives through recognition.” Custom awards are filled with symbolism and meaning, strengthening the relationship between companies and their employees, and helping employees feel valued, appreciated, and accomplished.

Something to Cherish

Custom awards are meant to be valued and cherished by the recipient for years to come. According to a Vistaprint survey (conducted by OnePoll) of 2,000 Americans, 55% said they keep personalized gifts much longer than generic ones. 40% of respondents said they would keep personalized gifts forever. The survey centered on personal gifts, not employee awards, but it stands to reason that adding the symbolism of an employee’s accomplishment to a personalized award would make the item extremely likely to be treasured forever. It’s harder to put the same meaning and significance behind a generic item that the employee could easily go out and buy themselves.

It’s the Thought that Counts

Offering custom awards to one’s employees shows that the company cares enough to put the effort in. Instead of an iPad or a picture frame, employees receive something they can’t get anywhere else. An award that incorporates the employee’s name, title, achievement, and/or the company logo is something they can always point to when asked about their accomplishments. Their unique award demonstrates the company’s commitment to valuing its employees, making it more meaningful and genuine.

Where to Start

In the world of custom products, the options are endless. When browsing employee award options, it’s imperative that companies choose an award that gels with their culture and branding. At Dion, each of our customers has their own dedicated Account Manager who works with them to create the perfect award. Whether they know exactly what they want, or have no idea, their Account Manager will guide them through all the options. Our talented Design Team creates art renderings and can be as traditional or as creative as the project demands.

Getting started with a custom award is easy. Get inspired by browsing our gallery of past products, or simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or message us to get started with a quote!