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The Power of Recognition: How Early Employee Appreciation Boosts Retention

Oftentimes when we think of employee recognition, we think of major work anniversaries and high achievements. However, one of the most crucial times to give recognition is within an employee’s first six months at a company. By practicing recognition early and often, companies can better attract and retain their top talent.

The Numbers

On average, the turnover rate in the US is 47%. This is the percentage of employees who leave their job each year, including both voluntary and involuntary separations. When breaking down this statistic, it’s clear that the employee is often the one making the decision to leave. Over 70% of US employee separations are voluntary, and over four million US employees quit their job each month in 2022. As stated in our previous blog, the cost of turnover is high; about 33% of the lost employee’s annual salary. Added stress from disruptions and lost tribal knowledge only compound the issue and increase the true cost. As of 2022, 35% of turnover occurred during the first year of employment.

The Law of Attraction

An employee’s relationship with a company begins long before their first day on the job. Various touchpoints, such as job listings, testimonials, and other media have an effect on whether or not a person decides to apply. More and more, businesses are tasked with demonstrating that they are a great place to work. Building a good reputation for having happy employees attracts top talent, and a well-integrated recognition program is an effective way to do just that. Recognition programs motivate and engage employees while contributing to a positive and strong company culture.

Setting the Tone

When onboarding a new employee, it’s important to make them feel as welcome as possible. Their first experiences on the job will greatly inform their attitude towards the company. As the statistics have shown, new hires should never be assumed as a “done deal.” The probationary period works both ways. By creating and executing a thoughtful onboarding experience, a new employee is more likely to have a positive view and a sense of belonging with the company, increasing their likelihood of staying.

Ways to Recognize

How do you recognize someone who’s just arrived? The key is to highlight the new hire’s previous accomplishments, emphasizing the value they add to the team. Welcome notes from their new coworkers and branded gifts are also great ways to positively mark their new professional chapter. At Dion, we send out a company-wide memo welcoming each new hire and spotlighting a few of their skills and past achievements. Employees are encouraged to say hello and welcome our new team members. Each new hire also receives a sterling silver branded pin to welcome them to Team Dion.

In Conclusion

Despite high turnover statistics, companies can boost their retention by integrating recognition into their onboarding process. By creating a welcoming and appreciative atmosphere, new employees are more likely to have a positive outlook, leading them to stay with the company. Showing appreciation early and often is a great way to motivate a team from day one.

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