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7 Customizations to Make the Most of Your Team’s Championship Ring

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see the winning team's ring design! Championship rings have been a long standing tradition in the world of sports, acting as a wearable trophy for each player. They are often packed with symbolism and reminders of all the hard work the team put in to achieve their win. While we gear up for the big game, here are 7 ways any sports team can customize their championship ring to make it truly their own.

Team Logo and Colors

The most fundamental aspect of any championship ring is the incorporation of the team's logo and colors. This serves as the foundation upon which all other design elements are built, proudly displaying the team's identity for all to see. Colored stones are a great way to make a ring “pop” with team spirit. Logos can also be cleverly incorporated into the ring depending on their size, shape, and level of detail.

Championship Title and Year

Championship rings should always proudly display the achievement name and year. This makes them timeless reminders of the achievement, as it should only take a glance to see what the ring represents. This essential feature is what defines the ring as a “wearable trophy.”

Player Details

Adding individual player details, such as their names, jersey numbers, or number of goals, ensures that each team member gets their own unique ring. However, a team may have other important player stats they want to incorporate. For example, last year’s Super Bowl ring incorporated 16 diamonds to represent the 16 players who scored a touchdown during the 2022-2023 season. It was a unique shoutout that will forever memorialize those players’ valuable contributions.

Team Motto

Another way to make a championship ring stand apart is to incorporate more personally unique features of the team. This could be a team motto, a frequently used chant, or even a short quote from the coach. This makes the ring much more sentimental and exemplifies the team’s strong bond.

Special Stats

While it may seem obvious to incorporate the final score of the championship game, other stats can be just as meaningful. Some teams opt to feature the scores of all the games leading up to their final win. This shows a track record of hard work and perseverance as they fought for their place on top. If the team had a dramatic come-from-behind win, they could also highlight the point deficit they had to overcome. Any unique and story-telling stats are perfect features for a championship ring.


Teams can get really creative with the imagery they include on their rings. In addition to the team’s logo and relevant sport ball, design elements that reference their home stadium, mascot, or trophy can set their ring apart. Any special moments that happened during the big game can be highlighted as well. For example, if the game was won by a single field goal, an image of the goal posts would be a great addition to the ring’s design, solidifying that moment in everyone’s memories.

For the Fans

Fans love championship rings almost as much as the players do. If there’s a special cheer or unique way that fans support the team, it could make for a special addition to the ring design. Including a reference to the fans’ support is a way of thanking them for always being there. Teams can even go a step further and have their fans vote on specific design elements!

Champions at Ring Design

There are endless ways to create a unique championship ring. At Dion, we’re here to create the perfect fit. Our dedicated Account Managers offer a consultative experience to help our clients get the most out of our capabilities. Our talented Design Team creates presentation-level artwork of possible design options, creatively incorporating the elements that celebrate the winning team best. Our championship rings are meant to be cherished for years to come, forever reminding the players of their hard-won achievement.

Getting started with a ring quote is easy! Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. give us a call, or message us to get started. Need some design inspiration? Check out our gallery of past championship rings to see some of the designs we’ve created for other clients.