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Cookin’ with Gas with Mallory Dion-Mallon - Account Manager

Wrapping up our series of interviews with our Account Management Team, we sat down with our newest Dion Account Manager, Mallory Dion-Mallon. 

As the daughter of President Edward “Ted” Dion, Jr., Mallory worked summers at Dion and organized many a Dion Golf Tournament, but she did not always plan on going into the family business.  Out of college, Mallory initially worked at a boutique public relations firm in Boston.  After working there a few years, she realized it was not what she wanted to do with her life.  As she began looking around for other opportunities, Ted asked her if she would be interested in coming to Dion.  Mallory said yes – and the rest is history!

Mallory has now been at Dion full time for five years.  When asked what the favorite part of her job is, Mallory quickly responded that it is the variety.  There are never two days the same, and in addition to her Account Management role, she also handles projects for Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and more.  As an Account Manager, she also gets to see a project from beginning to end – from the design creation until it is shipped out the door.  Account Management is a little like working for yourself.  You shepherd each project you are responsible for through design, tooling, manufacturing, packing and shipping.  It is a real entrepreneurial experience!

Outside of work, Mallory has always been active – enjoying skiing, traveling and reading.  However, some of these plans have been put on hold this past year, as she has become a new Mom!  Her daughter Emerson is now 9 months old and the light of her life (not to mention that Pépère Ted is pretty biased himself!!).  Since she and husband Billy do not get out as much, their new favorite pastime is home cooking.  They have been ordering a meal service that sends you ingredients and recipes you can cook at home.  They are becoming quite the chefs!

So, next time you have a custom jewelry project, give Dion a call and perhaps Mallory and get you “Cookin’ with Gas” on it!