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Own the Road with Safe Driver Recognition

Trucks are all around us. Our way of life is dependent on drivers safely delivering goods consistently and on time. How can Safe Driver Recognition Programs help? Consider these aspects:

Safe Driver Programs save companies money. Driving fatalities can cost an organization over $2 million per incident, injuries over $100,000 per incident and property damage approx. $7,000 per incident. Potentially even more costly is the public perception of the organization following a major accident.

Safe Driver Programs provide unique recognition. Drivers are out on the road, and out of sight most of the time. They don't get "pats on the back" that other workers receive informally every day. So it is even more important to recognize their efforts, and to notice when they go above and beyond.  

There is a well recognized need for safe driver programs. Any company with a truck driving force - whether they are long-haul drivers, or store-to-store delivery drivers - has a lot to lose if they can't keep their drivers motivated to stay safe. 

Safe driver programs can include a diverse blend of recognition. Safe Driver Recognition Programs often include:

     A Miles-driven component (1, 2 or 3 million safe miles driven)

     Years of safe driving

     Supplemental programs like Driver of the Year, Good Samaritan, Summer Campaigns (the highest accident season) & Nat'l Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Don’t let your drivers be caught out in the cold.  By finding ways to recognize and motivate their safe driving behaviors, your company comes out ahead as well.