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MedStar Georgetown Years of Service

Distributor: Tony Brennan

 Like most hospitals, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital had a years of service award pin program for their over 3,500 employees. However, over time the program had become stale, and departments were no longer awarding the pins to employees. The hospital realized that there were a number of long time employees due for recognition and thought that this was a good time to reinstate the program and give it new life. Distributor Tony Brennan of MadeToOrder, Inc. had worked with MedStar Georgetown over the years on other projects, so when MedStar was looking to revamp their program they asked Tony if he would help.

Tony had worked with E.A. Dion on jewelry recognition programs in the past and knew they could provide him with uniquely creative custom designs and unparalleled quality. Tony simply gave Dion a logo and mentioned that the program needed to denote years of service, and the Dion Design Team gave Tony a number of different layouts to choose from. MedStar chose their final design because it generously showed off the logo and hospital name, with separate areas for a stone and engraved years of service numerals. In fact, the hospital liked the pins so much that they retroactively ordered pins for all employees.

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