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Powell Valley Charm Holder

Distributor: Awards Unlimited

Powell Valley Healthcare, selected as one of the “Top 100 Hospitals” by HCIA and ranked as one of the “HomeCare Elite” by Outcome Concepts Systems, was searching for a recognition solution to support its mission statement “To provide excellent healthcare & exceptional customer experiences.”

Dion and its Distributor created a unique and innovative solution to recognize Powell staff members’ professional growth and commitment to the organization’s mission. A heart-shaped custom charm holder was created with six “snap-on” icons representing the targeted steps in an individual’s continuous professional growth. The six icons included Bachelor of Science in Nursing (scroll with “B”), Master of Science in Nursing (scroll with “M”), Quality Care (“Q” with red stone). Certified (“C” with white stone), Mentor (silhouette figure) and Cross Training (sneaker). Each of the icons is awarded as an individual successfully meets the associated criteria. This unique jewelry piece once again incorporated a number of recognition goals into on item that can be proudly worn on the job for all to see.

Custom Charm Holder for Powell Valley Healthcare