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Ford Motor Company Custom PVC Key Tags

Distributor BDA Detroit

While working on a catalog program for Ford Motor Company, the BDA Detroit stepped outside its usual boundaries by offering a new type of PVC key tag, a product quite different from an ordinary metal jewelry item, and a “brand specific” piece that would set Ford apart. Despite the company’s creative thinking, the question of whether or not it could be done remained.

Through past sales visits and presentations, Dion had continually stressed its willingness and ability to custom manufacture the types of “cutting edge” products this style of key tag represented. Dion used its foreign sourcing group and was able to create the kind of product the Distributor desired using its present manufacturing technology. Dion created six different products, to use for tooling and product samples. By collaborating closely with the Distributor, Dion was able to provide Ford with a “professional, consistent and creative result” in a timely manner. Dion reinforced its reputation for timely innovation, mutually beneficial collaboration and successful response to the unfamiliar and unexpected.

Ford Custom PVC Key Tags