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Upgradeable Award Rings - "Rate Us" on ASI - Ann Condon Retiring

Meeting and exceeding sales goals is never easy, so it is important to recognize and reward your sales staff for reaching these milestones. However, many of the traditional experiential rewards - like trips and cruises - just don't work anymore. An excellent alternative is custom precious metal jewelry - particularly upgradeable award rings. Karat gold and sterling silver jewelry have high intrinsic value.  In addition, award rings have a "championship cache" to them that nothing else does. Let Dion create some stylish designs for men or women that will wow your clients.

Upgradeable Award Rings

One ongoing sales award jewelry option to consider is the upgradeable award ring. What exactly is an upgradeable award ring? Upgradeable award rings are a popular way that companies award their managers and sales teams for meeting sales and other company goals. Upon winning the first time, the recipient receives a ring with no diamonds (or just a center stone). When they achieve the goal again, they are awarded a diamond upgrade.

The sales award ring is the ultimate achievement for sales people - particularly in industries where the sales force works outside the office such as:

  • Automobiles Sales
  • Insurance Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Real Estate

A sales award ring shows current and potential customers, wherever they are, that the sales person is a true professional. If you haven't already discussed supplying sales award jewelry to your customers, you are missing the boat. You supply them with other products, why not their sales awards?

In addition, upgradeable ring programs offer a host of other benefits for you and your client, such as:

  • They establish a tradition of excellence with a branded link to the company
  • They simplify the annual award decision-making process
  • They give your client the most value for their dollar, as upgrading is less costly than purchasing other awards year after year
  • Upgradeable ring programs offer you an annuity sale that will continue far into the future.

Another benefit - Dion can handle the administration

Dion has handled the administration of a wide range of upgradeable ring programs. The bigger the company, the broader the needs are for program administration. Dion has worked with distributors and their customers, creating custom order websites, customer-specific order breakdown information, handled award letter mail outs, drop shipments and many other administrative duties so the distributor can focus on selling, knowing that their program is being handled efficiently and effectively.

Dion has created an end-user friendly non-branded tri-fold flyer on upgradeable ring programs - including the benefits of these programs, a chart showing add-on stone progressions, etc. Click here for a download. We also have hard copies available that can be printed with your contact information. If you would like to receive some, email Aubrey Dion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will mail them out to you.

Rate Us On ASI

If you are an ASI Distributor Member, we would love for you to rate us on the ASI website (  We are an ASI Supplier Member (ASI # 51246) and have product listings on the ESP database.  Come check out the offerings there, or call us about your own custom project.  We truly appreciate your support.

Ann Condon Retiring

As noted in last month's Dion Digest e-news, Ann Condon, our Marketing Manager, will be retiring in December.  She has been with Dion for the past 17 years, and is now looking forward to enjoying more time with her family and spending this winter in Florida.  However, you will all be in great hands with our new Marketing Director Christine Catarino.  Not only does Christine have extensive digital and brand marketing experience, but she is already getting into the thick of things here at Dion since being hired in October!  You will be seeing a lot of Christine and Aubrey in your inboxes in the coming months as they continue writing our Distributor Digests and blog posts, as well as social media outreach.


As this year quickly comes to a close, we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.  All the best to you and your families!