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Set Yourself Apart with Dion Design

A growing problem many distributors face is customers going online to get what they used to come to you for. Customers can now go online, upload their logo, and get a "custom" product shipped practically overnight.

How can distributors differentiate themselves in this new business landscape? Now more than ever, service and non-traditional offerings are what will make you stand out.


Fully custom recognition jewelry is a great way to break out of this commoditization box. Unlike a generic "slap-a-logo-on-it" product, custom jewelry transforms a logo into something the customer couldn't have even imagined. With custom in-field add-ons and add-a-diamond options, the functionality of award jewelry is limitless.

For years Dion has promoted the fact that going into a presentation with custom art from Dion will set you apart. Today it is even more imperative that you show your customers you can offer more. Custom designs from Dion show that you took the time to prepare for your presentation (vs. just showing some pages of generic product in a catalog), and they prove that you can think outside the box.

Before going into your next customer presentation, speak with your Dion Account Manager about creating some custom art that will truly set you apart from the competition and that your clients will love!


Custom Packaging Brings It All Together

Upgraded standard jewelry packaging makes an award more special, but customizing that packaging, as well as the product, brings it to a whole new level. Companies try hard to ensure that employees see that they value their contributions and achievements. By embossing the company logo, or including a card from the company President, that message comes across loud and clear.

There are numerous ways to customize jewelry award packaging - embossing the box top, hot stamping the inside puff, adding a card or brochure, even adding recorded audio or video! Discuss with your Dion Account Manager ways to "step up your packaging game."


SAGE Awards Dion A+ Rating

SAGE just announced their 2020 ratings results and Dion was once again awarded an A+. We are very thankful for our amazing distributor network and proud that they continue to regard us so highly. Here's to another great year together! 

SAGE A Plus Rating