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Start Planning Now for Your Customer's Milestone Anniversary

There are not many things you can depend on regarding your clients. However, one that you can is that they will all have milestone anniversaries to celebrate at some point. Don't let time get away from you. A new year is arriving soon. Start planning early so you really make the most of the occasion.

Don't Let Time Get Away From You 

Milestone anniversaries are generally every five years. And whether celebrating their 5th or 100th anniversary, reaching a milestone anniversary is a major achievement in today's business environment. It gives companies a chance to brag to customers about their longevity and stability. It is a great way to establish employee camaraderie and bring a company closer together. It also generally comes with a special budget for celebrations, gifts and give-aways!

Dion has put together an end user friendly sheet that you can give to your customers with a number of ways companies can celebrate and commemorate this very special time.  Download it in the Marketing Support for Dealers section of our website.

So, look up the founding dates of all of your clients and talk with your Dion Account Manager. We can give you artwork and samples to show your customers of what other companies are doing (and what your clients should be doing too!). We can then put together designs with their logo on them of promotional pieces for customers and vendors, executive gifts for board members and top accounts, as well as employee commemoratives to present at their anniversary party or holiday event.

Even if companies are not yet having traditional gatherings, physical gifts - particularly if they are something that is custom and cannot just be bought anywhere - are a way to bring people together.