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Nefful Career Path Award Program

Distributor Paul Anthony, Ltd.

 Nefful, one of the largest direct selling companies in Japan and Taiwan selling over 500 products primarily in the areas of fashion accessories, lingerie/sleepwear and nutritional supplements, wanted to revamp their Area Managers (AMs) and Area General Managers (AGMs) career path program, as well as add awards for Silver, Gold and Platinum Leadership Award levels.

Nefful, through its Distributor Paul Anthony, Ltd., worked with Dion to design and produce the pieces. Nefful prides itself on its Annual Awards and Conference venues (the event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the same venue as the Golden Globes) and the addition of these fine jewelry awards added to the glamour and elegance. The specific awards included:

 - AGMs received a silver logo pin with 27 amethyst colored crystal stones, and AMs received a gold logo pin with 27 clear crystal stones.

 - AGMs that achieved Silver, Gold and Platinum Leadership Awards received a beautiful 10 karat gold amethyst ring, with additional amethysts surrounding the center stone. - AGMs that achieved the Leadership Diamond Award – Nefful’s highest and most prestigious award – received a14 karat gold amethyst ring with genuine diamonds surrounding the center amethyst.

At the first evening’s Welcome Party, Nefful introduced the ring program to its AGMs. They were so excited about these beautiful jewelry pieces, they couldn’t wait to receive them. Many of the new distributors at the ceremony were so impressed they began strategizing how they could earn their own ring award in the future.

Nefful Career Rank Level Jewelry