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Truly Custom is Worth the Wait

For Distributors that are new to custom jewelry, some are surprised by the turn around time to design, tool and manufacture a new program.  With so many products in the industry boasting next-day delivery, why do custom jewelry products take so long?  In this Dion Digest we want to more fully explain what goes into the making of a new custom jewelry piece, give you some tips to help speed up the process as much as possible, and most importantly, WHY IT IS WORTH SELLING these unique products.

The biggest difference between truly custom jewelry and most other promotional products is that there is no existing inventory we can pull from.  Each product we make is custom designed from scratch.  This takes longer, but it allows us to create something for your client that is truly one-of-a-kind.  

Our design renderings are extremely lifelike.  With our art, your customer will really see what the final product will look like.  They are also designed to be manufactured, so we make sure that any purchased components shown are available (ex. neck or bracelet chains, earrings hooks), as well as rendering stone size and placement exactly how the piece will be tooled, etc.

Because each piece is so unique, we next have to create the tooling to bring these images to life.  This includes converting the art into a CAD image, drilling the tool out on the mill and hardening it, plus many more steps to make sure the tools will be sturdy enough to last for not just this production run, but for all the reorders in the future.

Lastly are the manufacturing steps.  Each piece travels through a number of steps, from cast or stamp (FYI - we double stamp for a much deeper impression), to polish, to plating, as well as stone set, sandblast and coloring depending on the design.  When the item is complete, the recipient will have a uniquely handcrafted work of art that they can be proud to wear and hand down to future generations.  

Each of our products, whether an 18K gold ring or a brass plated lapel pin, get our full attention at every step of the process.  Each of our stones is hand set, and each color is hand applied by a craftsman - not a machine.  Take a look at some of our YouTube videos demonstrating the craftsmanship that goes into each of our products.

 Dion's YouTube Channel 

There are steps you can take, however, to speed up some parts of the process.  The first is giving us vector art. If we do not get a vector logo file, our Design Dept. will have to spend time "recreating" the logo files into something they can use.  It is work that not only takes time, but is totally unnecessary if we were given the proper files up front.  If your customer says they don't have a vector art file, ask them to reach out to their marketing department or ad agency.  Whoever is printing marketing materials with their logo on them will have this vector logo file.

The more information we have about the design they are looking for and the purpose for the piece, the better our art designs will be.  If you just tell us you want a gold pin with their logo on it, we won't be able to produce a very unique item.  However, if you tell us your customer wants a highly polished piece, cut out and molded into the shape of their logo, that will be used for years of service recognition (so will need different stone configurations to designate year levels) and would also like the option of using this piece on accessories (like making it into a necklace or bracelet for ladies and cuff links or a money clip for men), then we have much more to work with.  If your customer is having a hard time telling you what they want, direct them to the Products page of our website -  We have no pricing or other information on our site that you wouldn't want them to see.  What we do have are hundreds of examples of one-of-a-kind pieces we have made for others.  There is a wealth of ideas and will get your client's creative juices flowing.

Although custom jewelry sales may take some extra work up front to get started, it is a sale that has great potential to last for years and years.  Length of service awards, sales and performance recognition, safety and safe driving programs are all annuity programs that customers will place repeat orders for year after year.  Once in place, they require little upkeep and Dion can take care of the annual administration of these programs for you.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you not only make the sale, but take care of the program for you for many years to come.