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Custom Healthcare Awards

Custom jewelry recognition in the healthcare industry has been around almost as long as hospitals. Beginning with the nursing pin award at graduation, custom lapel pins and other jewelry awards are bestowed at all levels in the healthcare industry - for new certifications, for years of service, for retirement, for quality care. The list goes on and on.

An Opportunity You Can Feel Good About

Particularly in this "COVID New Normal" Healthcare Workers need to know they are appreciated. Custom jewelry awards are a great way to do this because workers can wear their recognition with them on their uniforms - reminding them everywhere they go that their company cares for and appreciates them.

A popular trend in the industry now is the redesign of the traditional lapel pin into a custom badge holder. These recreated practical badge holders can incorporate years of service, particular certification levels, as well as accommodate in-field on-the-spot recognition for quality, attendance, or any specific recognition a particular hospital or healthcare company wants to award.

These pieces also give you an excuse to visit your customers and prospects to show them something that will better use the recognition dollars they are already spending. If you are trying to get your foot in the door at a new company, showing badge holders is a great way to start a conversation. Most companies these days require employees to wear badges. Why not add recognition to them!

Let your Dion Account Manager help you get the "business you can feel good about." We can loan you sample trays and custom art for presentations and discuss the many opportunities available with custom jewelry in the healthcare industry. Call us today!