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Administration & Fulfillment - Let Dion Do the Work for You!

Every distributor would love to get the “Big Program” but at the same time they shudder at the thought of the work involved once they get it. With E.A. Dion by your side, you can have your cake and eat it too! Dion has handled the unique administrative and fulfillment needs for hundreds of company award programs throughout the years.

Award jewelry programs come in all shapes and sizes. Programs may include:

• Add-a-diamond rings that have to be collected and sent back in for diamond upgrades
• Multiple business locations, or even individual recipients, that require special award packaging and labeling and individual drop shipments
• Multiple jewelry awards that differ by year or award level earned
• Custom reporting, invoicing, shipment tracking, etc. in response to customer request

Are you overwhelmed yet? These may seem like daunting details to overcome, but Dion sees them everyday. We have a variety of systems in place to handle these details efficiently and seamlessly. Because Dion handles the details, distributors can take on programs that otherwise might be too big for them to handle alone.

In the examples below, we show you how Dion has handled some of our unique customers’ administrative needs:

Years of Service Award Program with Multiple Locations, Multiple Award Types and Custom Letter/Packaging

One of our distributors won the service award program business for a major restaurant chain, with locations all across the country and in Canada. The program had many variables and needed a variety of administration, including:

• Monthly printing of individualized award letters (each letter to include the recipient’s anniversary date and specific year of service) to be inserted into a custom award box.

• Award product differing by year of service and requiring different specialty packaging (i.e. award recipients receive a lapel pin at 3 years, a lapel pin and writing pen at 5 years and a lapel pin and instruction card for ordering a merchandise gift at 10 years and above).

• Monthly drop shipments of individually labeled award products to each applicable store location throughout the US and Canada

The distributor did not want to have to handle all these ongoing details for so many locations, so was happy to have Dion take on this responsibility. Now the restaurant chain sends a file to Dion each month with the following month’s award recipients, each recipient’s restaurant location, year of service and anniversary date. Dion takes care of manufacturing the award, custom printing the congratulatory cards, custom packaging and drop shipping the awards to each location, as well as sending out tracking information, invoicing and answering customer questions. The distributor can work on getting the next job, instead of dealing with the day-to-day details of this one.

Add-a-Diamond Award Ring Program Needing Ordering Administration

Another distributor of ours had the opportunity to bid on a substantial performance award add-a-diamond ring program (hundreds of rings) that a home improvement chain was starting as an incentive to their store managers. However, both the distributor and the store did not want to deal with the details of getting ring sizes, determining where to ship the rings, getting them back in future years for diamond add-ons, etc. Dion came up with a custom solution to easily solve all of these challenges – namely The store now sends a list of new ring recipients and those qualified for a diamond upgrade and Dion takes care of the rest.

The center of this solution lies with Dion mails out congratulatory letters on the store’s company letterhead with a login and password to a unique website address, along with a plastic ring sizer. Ring awardees simply log on to the site and enter their mailing information, ring size and the initials they want on the ring. Dion takes it from there – checking against the main list to verify the awardee is due a ring, manufacturing the ring, invoicing the store, shipping the ring to the recipient, etc. For those due a diamond upgrade, Dion sends out a congratulatory letter and self-mailer packet for the diamond upgrade awardee to mail their ring back in. Dion then adds a diamond to the ring, cleans the ring so that it looks as good as new and mails the ring back to the recipient. This is done for hundreds of ring awardees without the distributor or the store ever having to get involved.

For more information and to walk through a demo of the site simply go to See if and Dion can help you win that ring program you’ve always wanted!

Unique Customer Requested Administrative Services

Dion, unlike the typical supplier/manufacturer, works as a partner with their distributors. Because of our size and years of experience in the custom corporate award jewelry industry, we have the creativity and flexibility to handle some of the most unique and sophisticated customer requests. For a number of safe driving award programs, we have created custom online ordering and manager approval sites to make the process for the company as easy as possible.

Companies have unlimited configurations regarding the way, the where and the when of how they present awards. Dion’s ability to custom label, custom package and custom drop ship can meet the needs of any customer demand. We also will create custom invoices, custom tracking and reporting and any other administrative needs your customer may require. Talk with your Dion Account Manager today about strategies to get that “Big Program,” and avoid all the hassles of the program administration!