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Safe Driver Recognition Opportunity

As a new year begins you may be looking for new outreach opportunities.  If you have not yet considered promoting safety and safe driver recognition awards, now is a great time to start.

Trucks are all around us. Our way of life is dependent on drivers safely delivering goods consistently and on time. How can Safe Driver Recognition Programs  make a difference for companies, as well as help your sales goals? Consider these awards from both the Company and Distributor's perspective:

From the Company's Perspective:

Safe Driver Programs save companies money .  The average cost per truck accident, as reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is almost $150,000. Those with a fatality are significantly more.  Potentially even more costly is the public perception of the organization following a major accident.  Rewarding drivers for their focus on safety makes bottom line sense.

Safe Driver Programs provide unique recognition. Drivers are out on the road, and out of sight most of the time. They don't get the "pats on the back" that other workers receive at the office every day. So it is even more important to recognize their efforts, and to notice when they go above and beyond.   

Additionally, there is a shortage of drivers and companies need to find ways to retain those they have.  Employee recognition is a proven way to help retention in all industries.

From the Distributor's Perspective:

There is already a well recognized need for safe driver programs. Any company with a truck driving fleet - whether they are long-haul drivers, or store-to-store delivery drivers - has a lot to lose if they can't keep their drivers motivated to stay safe. 

In addition, safe driver programs generally include a diverse blend of products. Safe Driver Recognition Programs often include:

  • A Miles-driven component (1, 2 or 3 million safe miles driven)
  • Years of safe driving
  • Supplemental programs like Driver of the Year, Good Samaritan, Summer Campaigns (the highest accident season) & National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

They are an annuity sale. Once in place, Safe Driver Programs last - providing you with years of sales revenue. 

How Dion Can Help:

Dion has designed and manufactured custom jewelry for numerous Safe Driver Programs. Because drivers are on the road, and not in an office, custom jewelry works well in driver programs. The recipient can take the award with them wherever they go, and the custom branding on the piece will remind them of the value the company places on their efforts. Dion's elite team of Designers and Account Managers can customize a program to fit the specific needs of the customer, with designs appealing to the company and recipients.

Dion is an industry expert in add-a-diamond rings and other add-on jewelry. 

Add-a-Diamond rings - where the ring is upgraded with an additional diamond when a driver repeatedly meets a safety goal - are a popular award in Safe Driver Programs. It is also an award that gives a company the best "bang for the buck." Once the initial ring is awarded, the cost for diamond upgrades is nominal. Over the life of the program, the average cost of the award keeps getting lower and lower, making your customer - and his finance dept. - very happy.

 beltbucklesAnother item popular in this industry is the belt buckle. These can be made upgradeable with a small screw-in insert indicating years or miles of safe driving attained.  

Dion can handle the administration

Dion has handled the administration of a wide range of Safe Driver Programs. The bigger the company, the broader the needs are for program administration. Dion has worked with many distributors and their customers, creating custom order websites, customer-specific order breakdown information, handled award letter mail outs, drop shipments and many other administrative duties so you can focus on selling, knowing that your customer's program is being handled efficiently and effectively.

Non-Branded Safe Driver Sales Flyer

Take a look at your transportation customers and customers with significant fleet drivers and see if a Safe Driver Program works for them. If they already have a program, find out how it works, then contact your Dion Account Manager to discuss a strategy to get the business.   Dion has taken over a number of existing programs providing better quality products, more creative designs and more dependable service and delivery.

Not sure how to get your customer started with a new safe driver program?  Take a look at our "How and Why to Start a Safe Driver Recognition Program" flyer.  It has some great guidelines to consider in setting up the program and tracking eligibility.

How and Why to Start a Safe Driver Recognition Program Flyer
Custom rings are a favorite among professional drivers.
Belt buckles and rings are popular safe driver awards